The BingleysThe Darcys and the Bingleys
The whole series, from the beginning...

The Stories

A Bit of Advice
It all starts with a question...

The Question of Consent
Miss Bingley? Getting married? To an interesting character? Never!

The Price of FamilyPemberley
European vacations change people.

Left to Follow [Part 1][Part 2]
European vacations really change people. Rated R.

Manner of Devotion
Age changes people. So does taking your religion too seriously.

The Knights of Derbyshire
Under revision. Coming soon.

Deletes Scenes
Drawn Sword
Left to Follow - Scene between Dr. Madox and Trommler
I pulled this for being too gruesome. Rated R for torture and violence.

Alternate Takes, and Stuff I Won't Admit Happened

A Most Improper Matter (Prequel)
If you say this scene happened, Darcy will punch you. No, really. He will. He's good for it.

The Question of Consent (Bizarro Version)
In which Miss Bingley says "yes" to the right guy the first time and Darcy gets less shot. Also, sex. NC-17.

Character Guide
Under construction!

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